H1B Visas

As a leading Virginia immigration attorney, Ms. Van Wormer provides assistance with all aspects of U.S. immigration law, from H1B Visa cases to DV1 Visas and everything in between. The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields.

If you need a Virginia H1B visa attorney, Van Wormer Law, LLC can help.

Van Wormer Law, LLC offers a full range of immigration legal services in addition to those regarding the H1B visa, including but not limited to, the following matters:

Immigration Law

Immigration issues can have a huge impact on individuals as well as their families. Not only do we understand the complexity of the immigration system, we also care about individuals and their families affected by immigration regulations. Knowing your rights as an immigrant often requires patience and perseverance, so whether you are seeking to immigrate to the United States or are concerned about your current immigration status, it is crucial to understand how U.S. state and federal laws impact your ability to live and work within the nation’s borders. Learn more.


If you are seeking temporary status in the United States, we can help. We have the experience needed to help our clients successfully obtain visas including:

  • B-1/B-2 Visitor: B-1 visa for business; B-2 visa for pleasure
  • E-1: Treaty Trader
  • E-2: Treaty Investor
  • F-1: Academic Student
  • G: Representatives of International Organizations
  • H-1B: Specialty Occupation, General Applications, and Benching/Non-payment Complaints
  • H-1C: Registered Nurses
  • H-2A: Agricultural Labor
  • H-2B: Other Temporary Labor
  • H-3: Trainee
  • I: Representatives
  • J: Exchange Visitor
  • K: Fiancé(e) of U.S Citizen
  • L: Intra Company Transferee
  • M: Vocational Student
  • O-1/O-2: Extraordinary Ability
  • Q: International Cultural Exchange Program
  • R: Religious Vocation or Profession
  • TN: Trade NAFTA Professionals


If you are seeking permanent status based on employment, we can assist you with obtaining the appropriate visa to immigrate to the United States. We have experience with:

  • EB1 First Preference: Persons of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors, and Researchers, Multinational Executives, and Managers
  • EB2 Second Preference: Members of Professions Holding Advance Degrees or Aliens of Exceptional Ability
  • EB3 Third Preference: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers
  • EB4 Fourth Preference: Special Immigrants
  • EB5 Fifth Preference: Employment Creation Investors

Permanent Status, Based Upon Family

U.S. citizens can petition for parents, spouses, siblings, and children to immigrate to the United States. Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) can petition for only for spouses and children.

Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens

Unmarried children under 21, spouses, parents, widows and widowers (in certain circumstances) are not subject to any quota or limit on the number of visas that can be issued per year.

Relatives in the following “preference” categories are subject to limits on the number of visas that can be issued each year:

  • First Preference: Unmarried sons or daughters (over age 21) of U.S. citizens
  • Second Preference:
    • Spouses and unmarried children (under age 21) of LPRs
    • Unmarried sons and daughters (over age 21) of LPRs
  • Third Preference: Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens
  • Fourth Preference: Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens

DV1 Visas (The “Green Card Lottery”)

In October 1994, the U.S. government started the Green Card Lottery as the permanent Diversity Program for natives of countries that have provided relatively few immigrants to the U.S. in recent years. As such, 55,000 visas are given away in a random lottery drawing to individuals from countries underrepresented in the total immigrant pool.

Asylum and Refugee

We also provide representation for individuals who are in fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, or membership in or identification with a particular social group or political opinion. If this describes you, you may be eligible to apply for asylum or refugee status.

Citizenship Matters

We regularly assist individuals seeking to file applications for U.S. citizenship.

USCIS Representation and Consular Practice

We represent individuals before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) inside the United States and at U.S. Consulates throughout the world.

Other Immigration Matters

We offer representation and counsel in general immigration matters.